India Domain Data – Aug 2014

gTLD data of India for Aug, 2014 and .IN Domains data up to Nov, 2014. This report includes .IN Total Domain Count, Indian ICANN Registrar Domain Count and total gTLD counts.

New gTLDs Count as on July, 2014 :: 18,06,809
New gTLDs Count as on Aug, 2014 :: 21,36,059

New gTLDs Domain Count from India July, 2014 :: 11315 *
New gTLDs Domain Count from India Aug, 2014 :: 13050 *
*Based on Country shown in whois for registrants.

.IN Domains Count ( Approx. ) ( Includes 3rd level .IN and .BHARAT also )
Nov, 2014 approx. 1.605 MN i.e. 16 Lakh 5 Thousand ( 1.3% Growth MoM )
Oct, 2014 approx. 1.585 MN i.e. 15 Lakh 85 Thousand ( 0.6% Growth MoM )
Sep, 2014 approx. 1.576 MN i.e. 15 Lakh 76 Thousand ( 1.9% Growth MoM )
Aug, 2014 approx. 1.547 MN i.e. 15 Lakh 47 Thousand ( 0.8% Growth MoM )
July, 2014 approx. 1.535 MN i.e. 15 Lakh 35 Thousand

Below is the table of ICANN Accredited registrar’s operating primary from India with their respective domain counts.

India ICANN Registrar Domain Data - Aug, 2014
BigRock Solutions2032333533171864232895239346
Good Domain Registry175208501846818370
Good Luck Internet22321245244
Infocom Network1059714801162512077
Net 4 India13123915256172883449170457167232
Times Internet17902294120962060
Tirupati Domains165064961699317002
Trunkoz Technologies10408744733951220711980
Visesh Infotecnics48374785206259885897
Web Werks744878468927992939200
ZNet Technologies18283113721572144121577

Apart from these below are major foreign registrar with operations in India. The domain count shown here is their total domain count worldwide.

International Registrar Serving with Indian Operations
PDR Ltd. d/b/a33111574235774260037258041598564233317
Crazy Domains468280720231933939378587469599020

* These registrars are non-Indian Registrar identified based on their billing address and operational address.

Total gTLD’s Count and Comparison MoM

gTLD Domain Count
TLDJul-14Aug-14Change% Growth

* Domain Count Source : ICANN Registry Reports

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