India Domain Data – May 2014

gTLD data of India for May, 2014 and .IN Domains data up to July, 2014. This report includes .IN Total Domain Count, Indian ICANN Registrar Domain Count and total gTLD counts.

New gTLDs Count as on May, 2014 :: 892821
New gTLDs Count as on April, 2014 :: 667844

New gTLDs Domain Count from India May, 2014 :: 6778 *
New gTLDs Domain Count from India April, 2014 :: 5002 *
*Based on Country shown in whois for registrants.

.IN Domains Count ( Approx. )
July, 2014 approx. 1.535 MN i.e. 15 Lakh 35 Thousand ( 0.7% Growth MoM )
June, 2014 approx. 1.524 MN i.e. 15 Lakh 24 Thousand ( 1.6% Growth MoM )
May, 2014 approx. 1.5 MN i.e. 15 Lakh ( 0.8 % Growth MoM )
Apr, 2014 approx. 1.488 MN i.e. 14 Lakh 88 Thousand

Below is the table of ICANN Accredited registrar’s operating primary from India with their respective domain counts.

India ICANN Registrar Domain Data - May, 2014
BigRock Solutions1922273253660096221414225459
Good Domain Registry180628851918318947
Good Luck Internet22926262255
Infocom Network972413611079611085
Net 4 India13826415651179123637177465175464
Times Internet18592384121692138
Tirupati Domains164674931692916960
Trunkoz Technologies11216754757991324212826
Visesh Infotecnics50635025266862846159
Web Werks776081471026897549552
ZNet Technologies18619111521872197821921

Apart from these below are major foreign registrar with operations in India. The domain count shown here is their total domain count worldwide.

International Registrar Serving with Indian Operations
Crazy Domains453294684941929431715571117572797

* These registrars are non-Indian Registrar identified based on their billing address and operational address.

Total gTLD’s Count and Comparison MoM

gTLD Domain Count
TLDMay-14Apr-14Change% Growth

* Domain Count Source : ICANN Registry Reports

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