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A lot of time I heard from people ( specially in corporates ) that they forget to renew their domain or lost their domains. In most cases reasons involved for losing domains are >>

a. The email id used in domain registration is no longer accessible
b. The primary contact used in domain registration is not matching
c. Used the same email id of domain i.e. and after domain expired, they cant retrieve control panel at registrar end
d. The person whose mail id used in domain name is no longer in organisation hence alerts not received
e. The person who booked the domain in organisation, left organisation and no information with company

On July 21st, 2022, India’s top credit bureau forgotten to renew their domain, similarly In Aug 2013, One of the biggest Travel portal in India forgotten to renew their domain caused them 2-3 days downtime. One can imagine loss of revenue as well as Brand Value due to this.

There are few inputs I chalked out every one should take care of while booking a domain ( specially larger companies )

1. While booking your domain, use Accurate Data for which if needed later you can produce documentary evidence. Let us take a look at mandatory  fields in domain whois
Admin Organisation : This is owner organisation of domain. If using a company name you should have company formation documents / bank ac on name of the company name used / Tax Certificates on name of company ( PAN no. in India ) , Individuals may put N/A in this field
Admin Name : This is owner of domain. In case of corporates better to use Domain Admin in this field. In case of Individual should use exact name. Domain is your intellectual property, As you use accurate details in your property papers so is your domain which is your ONLINE PROPERTY.
Admin Address : Accurate address of domain owner.

In case of any dispute or if you don’t have access to admin email id ( Specially in case E above, when some employee who booked domain had control on his name and he left organisation ) , registrar can verify your ownership only based upon above 3 fields. If you are not able to produce documentary evidence of data used in these fields you may not get control on your domain in case of dispute.

Admin Email : MOST IMPORTANT. Always use email id which you use regularly so you never miss any critical notice of your domain name. Virtual your Admin Email id is ACTUAL owner of your domain name. Whoever access to this mail id can control the domain name. .

For corporates, they should use email ids like / / or something similar. Set a forwarder of this email id to at least 4 – 5 people in your organisation who are in capacity of decision making on Legal, technical and renewal basis issue ( i.e. CTO, CFO and their immediate juniors )

You can also use these email ids for other subscription based services for your site / organisation so that any important notice will come to all people of organisation whose mail ids used in forwarder.

Apart from these basic steps, Always ask your domain provider to give you full access to your domain control panel. Please note that its Mandatory for every domain provider to give domain control panel to domain owner. If some registrar / reseller is not providing you access of domain control panel, better not to use such company.

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