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With Launch of New gTLD’s in 2014 its interesting to see existing Domain extensions market share and presence worldwide. Up till now Internet users have options of only few gTLD’s ( .COM, .NET, .ORG etc ) , sTLD’s ( .CAT, .ASIA etc ) and ccTLDs ( Country specific extensions ). From Jan 2014 onwards 800+ New gTLD’s to be launched in next 2 yrs.

Till date already 50+ New gTLD’s launched in which extensions like .GURU, .PHOTOGRAPHY are one of the fasted growing new gTLD’s. .GURU already crossed 40000 Domains mark after its launch in last week of Jan 2014.

With launch of New gTLD’s let’s have a look at top performing TLD’s and ccTLD’s till now.

In end of 2013 Total Domain Count world-wide crossed 270 MN Domain Mark which Includes 148 MN gTLDs and 122 MN ccTLD’s.

.COM is top gTLD with total count of approx 114 MN Domains followed by .NET (15.5 MN) and .ORG (10.5 MN). Rest all gTLD’s contribute approx 8 MN Domain count.

Few Interesting facts of Domains Registered ::

Total Domains Registered World Wide :: 270 MN
gTLD’s :: 148 MN
ccTLD’s :: 122 MN

There are 38 Domains Registered Per 1000 People worldwide.
35% of World Population have access to Internet. In Terms of Internet users, approx 110 Domains are Registered per 1000 Internet users.

Top 20 ccTLD’s worldwide are listed as below ::

Top ccTLD - 2013 with Population Penetration
ccTLDDomain Count (MN)Country PopulationInternet UsersccTLD/1000ccTLD/1000 net users
Tokelau (.TK)20.6141160%--
Germany (.DE)15.681,305,85681%192237
United Kingdom (.UK)10.663,047,16284%168200
China (.CN)8.81,343,239,92341%717
Netherlands (.NL)5.416,730,63292%323351
Russian Federation (.RU)4.9142,500,48245%3476
European Union (.EU)3.7503,824,37374%710
Brazil (.BR)3.3193,946,88646%1737
Argentina (.AR)342,192,49465%71109
Australia (.AU)2.722,015,57689%123138
France (.FR)2.765,630,69280%4151
Italy (.IT)2.661,261,25460%4271
Poland (.PL)2.538,415,28465%65100
Canada (.CA)2.234,300,08383%6477
United States (.US)1.9313,847,46580%68
Switzerland (.CH)1.88,014,00077%225292
Spain (.ES)1.747,042,98468%3653
Colombia (.CO)1.545,239,07960%3355
Belgium (.BE)1.410,438,35382%134164
India (.IN)1.31,205,073,61212%18
Japan (.JP)1.3127,368,08880%1013

* This Table is showing all domains registered under ccTLD of particular country, but doesn’t Include gTLD’s. A lot of Domains of particular country’s ccTLD’s are booked by people from other countries also. e.g. .TK, most of its domains are booked by NON Tokelau Residents, .TK giving domains in free causing .TK to top the ccTLD’s chart.

Keep following for some more interesting facts and data.

Data Source ::, Hosterstats,

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  • Shiva

    April 4, 2014 at 2:02 am
    Thanks Vinay sharing the stats, very useful information. Keep posting further, I hope one day .in domains count reach 8 to 10 million names

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